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About the RA Club

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Genetic Analysis Information Service

1) Genetic polymorphisms are a determining factor in the efficacy or safety of biologic product therapy for rheumatoid arthritis patients. Using an Illumina 610K chip, 610,000 individual SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism) can be analyzed. Based on the results of the analysis, the best biologic therapy can be prescribed; one that is both safe and effective for the patient.

2) Genetic research in the field of rheumatoid arthritis is growing steadily. Once a patients DNA is analyzed (610,000 SNPs), RA Genomics can send club members the latest information on new treatments as they become available.

Medical Coordinators

Medical Coordinators act as liaisons between medical service providers (hospitals, clinics and doctors) and medical consumers (patients and their families) as to therapeutic measures, medical services, the health care system and ethics. Medical Coordinators are a much needed solution for the health care system in the 21 century, helping to fill the gap between doctors and patients. Using genetic polymorphism analysis, the Research Institute of Join Diseases works in conjunction with medical coordinators from The Japan Medical Coordinator Association (JPMCA) to propose the most effective treatment for each individual member.

Free Lectures and Seminars

4) The Research Institute of Joint Disease and its affiliates sponsor lectures and seminars which members may attend free of charge.