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Research Institute of Joint Diseases

The Research Institute of Joint Diseases was founded in 2002 with the aim of improving the treatment of joint disease. Initially working on funded projects, from 2006 the primary focus has been specialized genetic research. In 2010 as a result of its research, the Research Institute of Joint Diseases started the RA-Genomics Club to promote tailor-made treatment for RA patients.


Medical Coordinators

Medical Coordinators act as liaisons between medical service providers (hospitals, clinics and doctors) and medical consumers (patients and their families) as to therapeutic measures, medical services, the health care system and ethics. All members are licensed nurses with more than 10 years clinical experience, including clinical trials, or other related fields, and work with patients independently on an individual basis. The Japan Medical Coordinator Association (JPMCA) was established February 20, 2003 with its headquarter in Akasaka, Minato-ward, Tokyo. Medical Coordinators are a much needed solution for the health care system in the 21 century, helping to fill the gap between doctors and patients.


RA-Genomics Research Group

The RA-Genomics Research Group is comprised of doctors from prestigious rheumatoid arthritis hospitals around the country, collaborating research efforts with the purpose of promoting tailor-made medical treatment. The best medical care is provided through the latest research and development conducted by practicing specialists representing Japan.


HuBit Genomics Ltd.

HuBit Genomix was established to analyze drug target discoveries utilizing gene polymorphism analysis and bioinformatics technology. In order to find the genetic polymorphism that determines drug efficacy and safety, the company conducts joint research with academia, special hospitals or rheumatic gene study groups in aiming to develop effective drugs based on research data.


Matsubara Mayflower Hospital

Matsubara Mayflower Hospital opened in May of 1999, specializing in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Established with the faith, ‘In the treatment of rheumatic diseases, it is important to treat the disease using a comprehensive approach of medical and orthopedic therapy, combined with rehabilitation.’ With this faith shared by all professional staff, comprehensive care is provided for patients. To improve QOL so patients can live or work independently, the latest biological products, available since 2003, are actively introduced for treatment.
adress: 944-25 Fujita, Kato City, Hyogo  Phone: 0795-42 -8851
URL : http://www.mayflower-hp.jp/